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We are looking for volunteers who are interested in helping with scheduled pick ups this summer at a Lincoln and a Omaha famers market on early Sunday afternoons between this weekend and the first of October. You can pick up and deliver produce once or many times. Whatever your schedule allows. Contact us at for details.


Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Produce From the Heart works to help alleviate hunger within Nebraska's communities.  We collect donated, umarketable or excess produce from local farms, farmers markets, community gardens and household gardens. The donated produce is then transported to a food pantry, church, or soup kitchen within the community.  Those who donate can feel a sense of accomplishment knowing they are providing fresh, healthy produce to the local needy population.  In addition to helping the community, the produce is also kept from the landfill. According to the NRDC, up to 40% of the food in the US is thrown into the landfill.  This waste accounts for a large portion of methane gas, which worsens climate change.

This is no easy task. We rely on volunteers to help glean fields, transport produce to storage, and move it to distribution sites. Moving the produce from our generous donors to those who are desperately in need requires fuel for the trucks and cars that our volunteers use.  Access to coolers is necessary to store the produce until it is distributed.  We can not achieve these steps without your help. Please consider being a volunteer. Be a driver, a rescuer, a packager, a produce donor, or a financial donor.

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Thank You To Farmer's Market Donors!

A big thank you to our donors at the Old Cheney Farmer's Market! This fresh produce went to the Good Neighbor Community Center and was given out to many hungry families! Produce was donated on May 25th and June 5th.

Thanks to:

Lakehouse Farm

Robinette Farms


Daniel's Produce

Xiong's Garden

Common Good Farm

Wolff Farms

ShadowBrook Farms

Lambert Produce

  • Common Good Farm is a mom & pop family farm...small, sustainable, certified organic & Biodynamic...growing good food since Autumn of 1996 for southeast Nebraska. We are just 15 miles northwest of Lincoln, near Raymond. We’re committed to sustaining a family farm in Lancaster County to provide delicious, healthful food for our community & tend the soil, grow the food & love the land.

  • Jones Produce is small farm dedicated to quality food and ecologically beneficial agriculture. We are proud to offer a variety of fine fruits and vegetables, grown here in Crete, Nebraska.

    Jones Produce is owned and operated by Justin G. Jones. Justin’s great-great-great grandfather homesteaded in the area, and founded the original limestone quarries at nearby Roca, Nebraska. The family eventually moved west, but after growing up in rural New Mexico, and living in California where he developed his horticultural skills, Justin returned to his family’s Nebraska roots.

  • Robinette Farms seeks to sustainably produce a diversity of high quality farm goods for sale locally. We strive to build a profitable business that minimizes off-farm inputs, reduces our detrimental impact on the environment, and educates our community about the food we eat and enjoy. Through hard work and managed, sustainable growth, we intend to create a farm that supports our family and community for generations to come.

  • Daniels Produce is a family owned and operated grower-packer-shipper of fresh produce. We proudly raise over 500 acres of sweet corn, bell peppers, cucumbers, cabbage and zucchini. We will also have a small quantities of melons, tomatoes, and eggplant for our retail stands.

    We are located in Platte County, in east central Nebraska. Most of our yearly production is wholesaled to various warehouses throughout the Midwest and the rest through our retail stands.

    Quality is of the utmost importance to us and guides every improvement that we make on the farm. We deliver "solutions" that consistently exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers and remain committed to establishing new standards of quality.

  • At Old Cheney Road Farmers' Market you'll find the freshest local produce, artisan cheeses, baked goods, natural meats, eggs, plants, and so much more. We are a producer-only market, meaning everything sold at market is guaranteed to be grown or processed by our members. With more than 60 vendors, you'll find OCRFM the place to go for local, fresh food.

    The relaxed atmosphere and tree-shaded market mixed with smiling faces give us all something exciting to look forward to on Sundays. Thousands of people shop the market each week for the freshest local foods available. Join us and experience the best of what our vendors have to offer!